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A recent university study concluded that at least 50% of all dental patients feel somewhat anxious about undergoing a dental procedure. Depending on how severe your anxiety really is, you may want to request pain-free or sedation dentistry from dental professional Dr. Maitri Patel.
There are a number of different approaches to sedation dentistry, all of which are designed to eliminate pain, discomfort, and anxiety.
  • Sedatives can be administered intravenously, or you can ingest pills or inhale gas to achieve the desired effects.
  • Either minimal or moderate sedation is generally preferable to general sedation because you’ll still be able to respond to any communications from your dentist.
One of the more popular forms of sedation is nitrous oxide, which is commonly known as laughing gas.
  • This is a low-risk type of sedative and it’s available at most dental clinics.
  • Dentists will generally use nitrous oxide in tandem with local anesthesia when it’s necessary to do a tooth extraction.
Oral sedation is often used in liquid or pill form, and it’s generally a bit heavier than simply taking nitrous oxide.
  • Sedation which is administered intravenously takes effect very quickly, and one of the big advantages of it is that Dr. Patel can control the dosage effectively.
  • This type of sedation is generally used when a lengthy procedure is anticipated, for instance during oral surgery.
General anesthesia is usually only used when a surgical procedure such as a wisdom tooth extraction is recommended.
  • General anesthesia will either be delivered via an injection, or the patient might be asked to inhale it.
  • It will be necessary to recover from general anesthesia afterward before you’re capable of making your way home.


When you first join us as a new patient at Dr. Maitri Patel’s dental clinic in Ocoee, FL:
  • You should make your preference for sedation dentistry known to us.
  • That way, whenever an oral procedure comes up which you might be anxious about, we’ll know ahead of time that you prefer some type of sedation for it.
We can offer several different types of sedation, and these will be used in accordance with the specific type of procedure being undertaken.
  • If you’re the kind of person who gets extremely anxious about dental procedures, it really is better that you be sedated during them.
  • It will be much more comfortable for you, and it will be easier for Dr. Patel to carry out the procedure.
Anyone who is extremely anxious during a dental procedure can make it very difficult to effectively carry out the process.


If you’re one of the many individuals who have significant anxiety about dental procedures, we can recommend sedation dentistry for you.
At Dr. Maitri Patel’s dental clinic in Ocoee, FL, you’ll be able to be sedated so that all your fears and anxieties slip away comfortably.
Contact us today to set up an appointment for whatever dental procedure you may need, and let us know that you prefer sedation dentistry as your treatment mode.


Q: What is pain-free dentistry?

A: It involves taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure that a patient can be relaxed and comfortable throughout any dental procedures being performed. It usually calls for the use of some form of anesthetic or sedation, depending on the type of procedure.

Q: Who is a good candidate for pain-free dentistry?

A: Generally speaking, anyone who has a natural fear of dental procedures, or who suffers from anxiety when being operated on by a dentist. Some people also have a very strong gag reflex, and sedation will be useful in overcoming this.

Q: How long will I be sedated?

A: In many cases, your Dr. Maitri Patel will try to time the effects of sedation to wear off soon after the procedure has been completed. At other times, it may be necessary to allow sedation to remain in effect for a longer period of time.

Q: Will I be completely unconscious when sedated?

A: No. Most patients just become completely relaxed and uninhibited. You will still be able to communicate as needed, and you will lose any anxiety which you may have had beforehand.

Q: Is sedation dentistry safe?

A: Absolutely. It has been proven to be 100% safe and effective in a huge number of cases. In fact, your vital signs will even be monitored throughout the procedure, so if anything dangerous was to develop, Dr. Patel’s team could break off the process and attend to you.

Q: Will I feel normal afterward?

A: You will probably feel a bit groggy after a sedated procedure, but this feeling will wear off quickly and you’ll be totally normal within a couple of hours.

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