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Invisalign® is an orthodontic appliance that was first developed in the 1990s and is made of a thin clear aligner. This aligner is constructed from a flexible thermoplastic material which was given the name SmartTrack by its developer.
The big appeal of the Invisalign® orthodontic appliance is that it accomplishes teeth repositioning and realigning in a much less conspicuous manner than metal braces would. They’re not completely invisible, but they are far less noticeable than any other system of brackets and wires which might be associated with traditional braces.
Some of the issues that Invisalign® braces are typically used for are the same ones that metal braces are also used for.
These issues can include:
  • gapped teeth
  • crowded teeth
  • open bite
  • underbite
  • overbite
  • crossbite
When the physical aspects of tooth realignment have been accomplished, the patient will also enjoy a much better smile. This in turn, can lead to establishing greater self-confidence, and an improved sense of well-being.

Dr. Sejal Kamat is a Certified Invisalign® Provider.


When you visit Dr. Sejal Kamat at our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL, for the purpose of having Invisalign braces installed:
  • We will first conduct a thorough examination of your mouth.
  • Then it will be necessary to create a 3D image of your jaw and of your mouth. This image will serve as the baseline for a plan which is devised to move your teeth into their proper place.
  • This plan will then be used to create a whole series of plastic aligners which have been customized for your mouth.
Each one of the aligners in this series will gently apply pressure to your teeth. Eventually, this pressure will have the effect of moving your teeth into the appropriate position.
Approximately every two weeks, you will be given a new aligner that accomplishes the next level of repositioning. It will generally be necessary to keep these aligners in your mouth for most of the day.
That way, you’ll get the most comprehensive realignment process going, and your progress will be steady and predictable. By the time you get to the last planned aligner, your teeth should have been moved into their proper position.
It may take several months or even a couple of years to go through the entire series of aligners. However, when the process has been completed, your teeth will be much more functional, and your smile will be much better.


If you are thinking of using Invisalign® retainers to accomplish teeth straightening, you should contact us at our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL. We’ll be very glad to arrange for an initial consultation at which you can discuss your objectives with us.
At that time, we’ll also interview you to discover your medical history, so we are aware of any health issues you may have. If all goes according to plan, you’ll soon have much straighter teeth and a much more appealing smile.


Q: What are Invisalign® retainers made of?

A: They are constructed from clear plastic which was developed for the exclusive use of these orthodontic retainers.

Q: How does the Invisalign® process straighten my teeth?

A: At the outset, a plan will be developed for the gradual straightening of your teeth, using incremental movements which are accomplished by having the Invisalign® retainers exert a gentle pressure on teeth to move them in the desired direction.

Q: What are the benefits of using Invisalign®?

A: People who are self-conscious about wearing metal braces won’t have to endure the embarrassment or the discomfort of metal braces.

Q: Does Invisalign® work for everyone?

A: The Invisalign® process can be effective for virtually anyone of any age. Unless there are some severe misalignments in your mouth, the Invisalign® process can probably be used to accomplish the necessary teeth straightening.

Q: Do the Invisalign® retainers require extra care?

A: Orthodontist Dr. Sejal Kamat will generally supply you with a cream that can be used to keep them clean, but ordinary toothpaste will work as well.

Q: What happens if I break my aligner?

A: Simply notify Dr. Kamat immediately and she will probably be able to get a replacement aligner to you fairly quickly.
We now offer Invisalign Teen™ designed specifically with additional features that compensate for Teen treatment challenges.
Click here to learn more.

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We are offering virtual consults
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