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Invisalign Teen™

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Invisalign is a fairly new orthodontic treatment which is capable of straightening a dental patient’s teeth without using metal braces.
  • This can be particularly important to teens, since they are at a formative stage of their lives, and are particularly vulnerable to criticism.
  • Most teens would reject the notion of metal braces if given the option, simply because metal braces are so obtrusive and noticeable.
Invisalign solves this problem by being completely clear and difficult to detect in a person’s mouth.
Even though they’re made of clear plastic, these aligners are still very effective at gently repositioning teeth. They can also be removed for eating meals, and for brushing and flossing.
Because they don’t use any metal brackets or wiring, they can be much more comfortable for your teen as well as being less noticeable.
In many cases, Invisalign braces can also accomplish teeth straightening in less time than traditional metal braces. Given the choice, most teenagers would definitely prefer the clear plastic aligners of Invisalign, as opposed to the more awkward metal braces.
Dr. Sejal Kamat is a Certified Invisalign® Provider.



When you bring your teen to Dr. Sejal Kamat at our dental clinic at Ocoee, FL:
When the first set of aligners is ready for your teen:
  • They will simply have to visit our office for any necessary adjustments.
  • Then they’ll have to wear their aligners for the entire day, all seven days of the week.
  • The only time the aligners should come out is during meal times, or when your teen is brushing or flossing.
Since Invisalign braces are removable, it’s very convenient to just take them out for these specific times.
Approximately every two weeks, your teen will progress to a new set of aligners which will accomplish the next level of teeth repositioning.
  • At first, the aligners will seem very tight to your teen, but after a few days of repositioning, they will become more comfortable.
  • After some time has passed, they may even feel somewhat loose, but this is normal.
When your teen has progressed through the entire series of aligners which have been planned, the desired amount of teeth repositioning should have been completely accomplished.


If your teen requires teeth straightening, but doesn’t want to wear metal braces, you should bring him/her into our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL.
We will discuss your teen’s medical history at this initial consultation, and determine whether or not they are a good candidate for Invisalign braces.
After that, we can get started on a program of treatment which will gradually realign your teen’s teeth into proper positioning, thereby improving their smile and their overall teeth functionality.


Q: How often does my teen need to wear Invisalign braces?

A: In most cases, they should be worn for 22 hours each day, and should only be taken out for eating and brushing or flossing.

Q: Will there be any restrictions on foods that can be eaten?

A: No. Since your teen will be taking the braces out when eating, all foods are fair game for meals.

Q: Will having Invisalign braces in her mouth affect my teen’s speech?

A: It generally takes a few days to get used to having Invisalign braces in your mouth, but your teen will quickly adapt to that, and will have no issues with speaking clearly.

Q: Can my teen chew gum with her aligners in?

A: No. She can still chew gum, but the aligners will have to be removed for that. Otherwise, the gum would stick to the aligners and cause some problems.

Q: Does my teen still need to wear her aligners after treatment is complete?

A: It is advisable to wear the retainers for a while even after treatment has been completed. Eventually, this will only be necessary while sleeping.

Q: How will I know if Invisalign is right for my teen?

A: The only sure way to determine whether your teen is a good candidate is to bring him/her to orthodontist Dr. Sejal Kamat, where he/she will undergo a thorough examination.
To learn more about the Invisalign® procedure please click here.
Please Contact Us for a Free Consultation. We will be happy to talk to you about these clear, clean aligners. Teens love them, and we know you will too.

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We are offering virtual consults
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