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The reason most people consider orthodontics is that they have crooked or misaligned teeth which do not fit together as they should.
  • Having crooked teeth like this can seriously impact the way you chew food, and it can degrade your overall digestive process.
  • It can also cause your normal smile to be negatively impacted, and that can lead to a severe loss of self-confidence. Many people who have crooked or misaligned teeth become fearful or shy about smiling in public because they know their teeth are crooked.
Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that diagnoses any issues with misaligned teeth and attempts to correct them through repositioning those teeth in a gradual process.
Professionals who become involved with orthodontics are required to spend an additional two years of study beyond dental school. This prepares them to deal with all the issues which might come up when treating patients who have improperly aligned teeth.


When you come to Dr. Sejal Kamat at our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL:
  • The first thing we’ll do is have a kind of interview with you where we will attempt to determine your medical history, as well as that of your family.
  • This could be important in terms of future treatment and anticipating your future oral health.
  • Then our specialist orthodontists will examine your mouth thoroughly to diagnose exactly what issues you may have.
If orthodontic treatment will help your situation, our staff members will recommend the program of treatment that will help you achieve a better smile and more functional use of your teeth. You should be aware that getting a better smile is not the only benefit of orthodontic treatment.
Crooked teeth are generally harder to maintain and to keep clean. This means they are much more susceptible to tooth decay and to periodontal disease.
The fact that other oral problems can develop from misaligned teeth makes it even more important that you seek orthodontic treatment.
  • It’s even possible that poorly fitting teeth can make it harder to chew certain foods, and that can lead to headaches as well as shoulder and back pain.
  • In some cases, it can even contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
Orthodontic treatments will gradually reposition teeth into a configuration that is more normal and natural for your mouth. When completed, these treatments will leave you with teeth that are much more functional, and which give you a better smile.


Regardless of your age, orthodontic treatment can be extremely beneficial for you. Successful orthodontic treatment will reposition your teeth so that you can chew and bite better, and so that you have a much more appealing smile.
This in turn will give a major boost to your self-confidence, and you’ll feel much better about yourself. Contact us today at our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL, so we can set up an initial consultation.


Q: What is the best age for orthodontic treatment?

A: There is no ideal age for orthodontic treatment since people of all ages can have their teeth re-positioned in their mouths. It is best to begin treatment at an early age, however, so your child can enjoy the benefits of proper positioning for the rest of their lifetime.

Q: My teeth are fine on top, but crooked on the bottom. Can I get braces that handle that situation?

A: You would have to consult with your local orthodontist to have that question answered definitively since every case is different.

Q: How long will it take to have my teeth properly re-aligned?

A: In less severe cases, it may only require a couple of months to complete the process. More severe re-alignments may require a couple of years in order for the process to be completed.

Q: Can I still get braces if I’m missing some teeth?

A: Usually it will still be possible to have braces installed if you’re missing a tooth. To be sure, you’d have to consult with our orthodontist Dr. Sejal Kamat.

Q: I don’t want a mouth full of metal – do I have other options?

A: Yes. Modern dentistry makes clear braces available to patients, and these are hard to detect when they’re in place. You won’t have to endure any of the embarrassment or discomfort of the past.

Q: I’m in my 70’s and considering using braces – am I too old for treatment?

A: Absolutely not. A good percentage of orthodontic patients are full-grown adults, many of whom are in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

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We are offering virtual consults
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