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Tooth bonding is a fairly simple cosmetic dental procedure that is often used to deal with teeth that are cracked, chipped, or discolored. After the tooth bonding procedure has been accomplished, your damaged teeth can look just as good as they originally were.

In this procedure, Dr. Maitri Patel will apply a composite resin colored to match the rest of your teeth. It’s generally the front teeth that are treated, and the resin material would be applied to them.
Then, it will be necessary to shape that resin to the appropriate shape of your tooth and allow the resin to harden.
  • The resin material will adhere very well to the surface of the tooth because a bonding agent will be applied prior to installing the resin.
  • Ultraviolet light is used to accelerate the hardening process, and if necessary, further adjustments can be made after the resin has hardened.
One of the great things about tooth bonding is that it’s such a simple procedure, it can usually be done in a single session at Dr. Patel’s office.
  • It will only take an hour or less to bond a single tooth, so unless you’re doing multiple teeth, a tooth bonding session will last less than an hour in most cases.
  • Even better, there is no recovery period after a tooth bonding procedure.
This means you will be able to eat and drink whatever you want afterward, and there will be no downtime or missed time from your workplace.


When you visit Dr. Maitri Patel at her Ocoee, FL dental clinic, we can explain the entire tooth bonding process to you, so that you’ll know what to expect.
  • In fact, tooth bonding is one of the simplest cosmetic dental procedures there is, so you’ll have nothing to fear whatsoever.
  • It can also be an extremely useful procedure, given that it corrects a number of dental issues.
You can enlarge one tooth which is smaller than the others in your mouth, you can close gaps between your teeth through tooth bonding, and you can also improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, crack, or chipped.
We will thoroughly examine your mouth before doing anything, so we can ensure that you’re a good candidate for tooth bonding.
Then we’ll discuss with you what our approach will be to upgrade the tooth or teeth that you want to be improved.
From there, it will be a simple process to carry out the tooth bonding procedure and leave you with a much more appealing smile.


Q: What exactly is tooth bonding?

A: Tooth bonding is a procedure that can repair chips, cracks, and misshapen teeth. The procedure calls for using a sturdy resinous material that gets applied to the affected teeth. Then that resin hardens and is shaped to the desired configuration, and a better appearance can be presented.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: It generally only requires between 30 and 60 minutes to bond one tooth, so it can be accomplished in a single session with Dr. Maitri Patel.

Q: Does the procedure hurt at all?

A: No, it doesn’t. You probably won’t feel anything at all, although there may be some sensitivity to hot or cold for a few hours after the procedure.

Q: What is the recovery period following tooth bonding?

A: There is no recovery period necessary whatsoever. You can go right back to work following your bonding session, with no side effects at all.

Q: How long will I have to wait to eat or drink after the bonding procedure?

A: You won’t have to wait at all, because the bonding process will be completely cured right in Dr. Maitri Patel’s Ocoee, FL dental clinic.

Q: Who is a good candidate for tooth bonding?

A: Anyone who has a chipped, cracked, or misshapen tooth. It is usually preferable to operate on the front teeth since they can be accessed much more easily, but if you have problem with teeth in the rear, it’s worth bringing it up to Dr. Maitri Patel.

Q: What kind of care is necessary for a bonded tooth?

A: No special care is required for a tooth that has been bonded. Normal brushing and flossing will be all you need to maintain your bonded teeth.


If you have a tooth that has somehow gotten badly cracked or chipped, it could be restored by using tooth bonding. Our expert team of dental professionals at Dr. Maitri Patel’s Ocoee, FL dental clinic can examine your mouth to determine if you are a good candidate for tooth bonding.
Contact us today, so you can begin the process of improving your smile, and overcoming whatever unsightly damage has occurred to your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can completely restore your original dazzling smile, and help you feel much better about yourself.


For the majority of the last several decades, dentists have been obliged to repair cavities in your mouth with silver-colored amalgam fillings.
  • These amalgam fillings are still totally safe and comfortable, but many patients these days are opting for white fillings made of composite resins.
  • The big advantage of these white fillings is that they have the same color as your existing teeth.
This means that any cavities you have filled in will not be detectable, and will look just the same as all your other teeth.
In contrast, silver-colored amalgam fillings stand out very strongly against the white background of your other teeth. Whenever you open your mouth to yawn or perhaps to shout something, those silver fillings will be very noticeable to anyone around you.

The composite resins used in white fillings are actually a blend of plastics and tiny glass particles. Not only are they great for filling in cavities, but they can also be colored to match your other teeth.

Having white fillings installed requires the same amount of time as installing silver amalgam fillings, which means it can be done in a single session.
The white filling of a composite resin will bond directly to your tooth enamel, and it will provide years of strength and resistance to wear and tear.


Many of our current patients are opting for white fillings as opposed to the traditional silver amalgam fillings. This is understandable, given the fact that white fillings are far less noticeable in your mouth.
If you have several cavities in your mouth that you would like to have filled in with white fillings, you should contact Dr. Maitri Patel at her Ocoee, FL dental clinic.
  • We can consult with you here and apprise you of the differences between white fillings and silver amalgam fillings.
  • Any questions you might have about white fillings can be answered at this time, and you can be totally informed about what to expect.
If you’re like most of our dental patients, you’ll love having your white fillings in place, because no one else will even know they’re there.


Q: What exactly are white fillings?

A: White fillings are those which are made of a composite resin, and are colored to match other teeth in your mouth. They are often preferred by patients who don’t want the darker colored amalgam material in their mouths because the color is so noticeable.

Q: What are the advantages of white fillings?

A: The advantages of white fillings are purely cosmetic in nature since they do not provide any additional protection against tooth decay.

Q: Are white fillings better than silver fillings in any way?

A: Yes, they are. The composite (white) filling will actually bond to your tooth better than a silver amalgam will, and that will allow Dr. Maitri Patel to preserve more of your original tooth.

Q: How long will my white fillings last?

A: With really good dental hygiene, you might have your white fillings last a lifetime. Even if you’re not that conscientious, white fillings can be expected to last for at least 10 years.

Q: Are white fillings safe?

A: Yes, they are. They have already been used for years now, and they haven’t been shown to be at any greater risk than traditional silver amalgam fillings.

Q: How long does it take to install white fillings?

A: It basically takes about the same amount of time that it would take to install a traditional silver amalgam filling. The total time needed will depend on how many cavities you have, the location of the cavities, and the size of the cavities being operated on.


If you’d like to know about white fillings and how they can improve your appearance, contact us at Dr. Maitri Patel’s dental clinic in Ocoee, FL. Your white fillings won’t be nearly so noticeable in your mouth, so you won’t have to be embarrassed to open your mouth in company with friends.
No matter how many cavities you have filled with white fillings, most people won’t be able to tell that you’ve had any dental work done at all. This will leave you feeling much more confident about yourself, and about your smile.

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