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At some point in their lives, most people will undergo a dental emergency, and the real question will be whether your situation actually constitutes an emergency.

Many situations can actually be managed during regular office hours, and some can even wait till your next regularly scheduled appointment. In order to determine whether or not you have an actual emergency, you should consider the following criteria.
  • If there is bleeding from the mouth or if you’re in severe pain, that’s definitely a dental emergency.
  • If you have been struck in the face or the mouth, and are bleeding inside the mouth, that’s also an emergency.
  • If any teeth have been knocked loose or have been damaged, that also qualifies.
  • When you can observe swelling in the area around the face or in the mouth, this is more than likely a dental emergency as well.
If you have any uncertainty about your situation, you should contact your dentist and explain exactly what has occurred and what you are feeling.
Most dentists set aside time to handle dental emergencies, so when you do have one, it can probably be worked into Dr. Patel’s schedule right away.


Like every other dental clinic in this country, Dr. Maitri Patel’s dental clinic in Ocoee, FL occasionally must deal with dental emergencies occurring with our patients. If you have experienced something that you think is a dental emergency, you should contact us right away.
Based on what you tell us about how you’re feeling and what has occurred, we should be able to determine whether you’re in an emergency situation.
  • If so, we’ll make arrangements for you to come into the office right away, where your emergency can be dealt with appropriately.
  • If it’s something that can wait until regular office hours, we’ll schedule you for an appointment the next day.
The important point is that you should always contact us when you feel you have a dental emergency. If it turns out that you have a legitimate issue, it will need to be handled as soon as possible.
In some cases, fast action can actually save a tooth or can prevent significant blood loss.


Regardless of how busy our schedule is at Dr. Maitri Patel’s dental clinic in Ocoee, FL, we always reserve some time for dental emergencies.
When you have a legitimate dental emergency, you should contact us immediately to make arrangements for an appointment.
If your emergency occurs after hours, the answering service will put you in contact with one of our team members, and that person will handle your emergency situation.


Q: Is a loose tooth considered a dental emergency?

A: You should call your dentist and try to arrange for an immediate appointment if you have a loose tooth. Try and keep the tooth in place in the meantime, and let your dentist decide on the next course of action.

Q: What if I have a tooth that has been chipped, cracked, or fractured?

A: A chipped tooth does not constitute a dental emergency, but a cracked or fractured tooth does call for immediate treatment. When you contact Dr. Maitri Patel, explain the exact situation and let her make the call on whether you need to come in right away.

Q: Are mouth cuts and tears considered dental emergencies?

A: Any kinds of lacerations involving the mouth, lips, tongue, or cheeks are considered to be dental emergencies and should be attended as soon as possible. Inform Dr. Maitri Patel of the specific kind of cut you have, and allow her to make the call.

Q: Is there a rule of thumb for dental emergencies?

A: Yes, in general anytime you are in extreme pain as a result of some oral injury, or if you’re losing blood because of it, that will constitute a dental emergency that requires immediate attention.

Q: How can I avoid dental emergencies?

A: Many dental emergencies occur as a result of some traumatic sports accident. If you are conscientious about wearing a mouth guard to protect your teeth while participating in sports, you should be able to avoid most dental emergencies.

Q: Is there any way I can be ready for a dental emergency?

A: Yes. You can keep a dental emergency kit handy. This kit should be supplied with Dr. Patel’s phone number, gauze, a handkerchief, and a small bottle of acetaminophen.

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