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Clear Braces

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Advanced Clear Ceramic Brackets
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Clear braces are preferred by patients who don’t want to have metal braces seen by everyone they come in contact with.

  • Clear braces are able to accomplish much the same thing as metal braces, only more discreetly.
  • Since they’re made with a ceramic material that has been colored to match your teeth, they blend in very nicely and are difficult to detect in place.
Both teenagers and adults often prefer clear braces as an alternative to metal braces for this very reason.
The straightening action imparted by clear braces is virtually the same as that accomplished by metal braces.
At these visits, a different set of wires, rubber bands, and other components will be installed so as to gradually straighten your teeth. The consistent pressure applied by the rubber bands, wires, etc. is sufficient to accomplish a realignment of your teeth into the proper position.


When you visit Dr. Sejal Kamat at our clinic in Ocoee, FL, we will:
  • thoroughly examine your mouth to determine exactly what’s necessary to achieve proper realignment of your teeth
  • discuss some options with you which might be available, based on repositioning requirements, your personal preferences, and what your insurance will cover
Clear braces are very effective at accomplishing any desired realignment, and they have the added appeal of being very discreet. Clear braces should not be confused with clear aligners, which are a special class of orthodontic devices that include Invisalign.
Clear aligners do not make use of wires or brackets, and simply involve having plastic aligners locked in the place in your mouth for two weeks at a time.
The difference between metal braces, clear braces, and clear aligners will definitely include:
  • the cost of each of these approaches
  • the visibility of each approach
  • the effectiveness of each approach will also be slightly different between these methods
To find out which one would be most appropriate in your case, contact us today at our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL.


If you’d like to know more about clear braces, you should contact us at our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL.
We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have, and give you an overview of how clear braces compare to metal braces and clear aligners like Invisalign.
Take the first step toward better oral health and a better smile by calling us today.
In no time at all, your old confidence will be back, because you’ll have a new and improved smile, and your newly straightened teeth will actually be appealing, instead of detracting from your appearance.


Q: Do clear braces become stained?

A: Yes, they can become stained by coffee, pasta sauce, red wine, beets, and several other foods and beverages. The brackets and wires associated with clear braces can also be stained by smoking tobacco products.

Q: What are clear braces made of?

A: Clear braces are sometimes made of ceramics, and sometimes of a composite that has been colored to match your natural teeth color.

Q: What kinds of problems can clear braces be used to treat?

A: Most of the same kinds of issues that are routinely treated by metal braces can also be handled by clear braces. This includes overbites, underbites, crossbites, gapped teeth, and overcrowding.

Q: Can clear braces be used to correct issues with bottom teeth?

A: Yes, they can. Both top and bottom teeth can be brought into proper alignment using clear braces.

Q: Will someone be able to see that I’m wearing clear braces?

A: Clear braces are ordinarily difficult to detect while being worn, but if they have become stained somehow, they will be much more noticeable.

Q: Are clear braces as good as metal braces?

A: Clear braces can usually only be worn on the front teeth, whereas metal braces can straighten out teeth anywhere in your mouth.

Q: Do clear braces hurt when being worn?

A: There might be some slight discomfort when you first put in a new aligner, but that will quickly subside after a day or two.

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We are offering virtual consults
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