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What is a Prosthodontist?

Whys is it better than just a Dentist?
Because a prosthodontist is the DENTAL SPECIALIST who deals with aesthetic or functional dental work.


You may not know what a Prosthodontist is or does. However, this type of dental specialist could benefit you greatly. A person who works in Prosthodontics can serve several important purposes. This type of professional receives intensive training beyond regular dental school.


The first step for a potential Prosthodontist is applying for dental school. Once an individual passes the regular courses, more classes will follow. In fact, three to four additional years of classes are the norm. In the U.S., the American Dental Association (ADA) must approve the classes.

This kind of degree takes dedication, perseverance, and commitment. The field of Prosthodontics is one of nine specialties that the ADA recognizes. It is a highly advanced field, and it covers multiple dentistry disciplines. If a Prosthodontist works with you, you are in capable hands.

As a Board Certified Prosthodontist Dr. Amit Kamat is one of only 1% of dentists with this specialist qualification.

Typical prosthodontic training includes four years of dental school and three additional years of training in dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation, crowns, bridges, dentures, cosmetics, and tempromandibular joint function.

As a Prosthodontist, Dr. Amit Kamat provides an extremely high level of care for patients who are missing teeth or have significant damage to their existing teeth. This extremely specialized training allows the doctor to deal with a wide variety of problems from the most simple to the most complex. A prosthodontist can be thought of as the dentist’s dentist. A prosthodontist can aid in the rehabilitation of a complete dentition or merely in the replacement of one or two teeth. The prosthodontist can supply the control and expertise that is necessary to make an implant supported restoration look and function properly.

A Prosthodontist relies on the latest procedures to implement treatment. The treatments provide balance between a variety of factors. These factors include aesthetics and functionality. The following are kinds of prosthetic treatments you might get:


If you get veneers, this kind of specialist might apply them. Veneers are a type of bonded restoration. This sort of dental restoration is cosmetic dentistry. Restorations can correct cracks, chipping, and tooth discoloration.
Reconstructive dentistry is another form of Prosthodontic specialty you might get. You would get this level of reconstruction if you are missing teeth. You would have titanium screws implanted in your jawbone. Those screws are dental implants, which look like real teeth.

Dental implants also function like real teeth. Instead of removing them from your mouth, you leave implants there. You can eat with implants just as you would your regular teeth. Typically, no one will even know that you have implants.


A Prosthodontist might also put a crown on your tooth. A dental crown covers the tooth after the tooth gets shaped. A bur shapes the tooth to size. You might require a root canal before you get a crown.

You can get a crown fit over a dental implant. The implant takes the place of the root. The crown works as a prosthetic tooth. In many cases, people choose to get crowns placed over their implants.


Your dental specialist might use crowns to form a dental bridge. A dental bridge closes the space formed by missing teeth. A bridge can receive support from your natural teeth, as well. Your specialist might recommend a bridge to replace a partial, removable denture.


Prosthodontists can fabricate well fitting dentures for patients with few to no teeth.


A Prosthodontist is an expert at diagnosing complex cases. This type of dentist can also devise a lengthy, detailed treatment plan. Prosthodontics introduces a holistic element to complicated dental issues. This dentist will first diagnose, then plan and implement treatment.

A Prosthodontist might not perform all of the dental work needed. He or she might oversee the dental team doing the work instead. Restorative dental work can renew your smile beautifully. More importantly, it can prevent the spread of dental disease.

If you need dental reconstruction, talk to a Prosthodontic specialist today. Dr. Amit Kamat is a board-certified Prosthodontist. He is highly qualified to diagnose and treat your complex dental issues.

You might not realize all of the options available to you. Cosmetic dentistry provides a world of possibilities. Whether you are missing one or several teeth, Dr. Kamat can help. Dental reconstruction can make your mouth functional and aesthetically appealing once again.

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