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Denture Stabilization


(2 implants with existing denture)
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Tired of having your denture being loose, difficulty with eating or challenges with speaking then denture stabilization could be your solution?


Denture stabilization is a process which calls for placing dental implants in your mouth so as to keep your dentures fixed in place.
  • This is much preferable to having them slipping or sliding around inside your mouth.
  • Probably the most common form of dental stabilization involves a single tooth.
  • Many people who have dentures have had multiple teeth removed, and this would require multiple dental implants.
Some patients attempt to overcome the problem with moving dentures by making use of denture adhesives.
  • These can be moderately successful at keeping the dentures in place, but they also generally impart a very bad taste to your mouth.
  • They also interfere with eating and drinking because they compete with the flavors of those foods and beverages.
Another major benefit of denture stabilization is that it serves to keep the jawbone intact, rather than having it withdraw or shrink.
  • When this happens, facial muscles tend to sink in also, and it can have an undesirable impact on a person’s appearance.
  • With denture stabilization, this won’t happen, and your normal facial structure will be retained.


When you come to visit Dr. Maitri Patel at her Ocoee, FL dental clinic, for the purpose of having a denture stabilization performed, you’ll realize a number of benefits from the procedure.
  • First of all, you’ll be able to chew your food much better, and that will result in a more thorough digestive process.
  • Once your dentures have been stabilized with dental implants, they will become much more comfortable than your normal dentures would have been.
  • They’re also very easy to maintain, because you can simply do normal brushing and flossing once your dental implants have been placed.
Most patients experience a significant reduction of mouth sores and gum infections, because their dentures are not moving around so much and irritating the gum line.
Since your dentures are much more stationary, it contributes to better speech because you won’t have dentures slipping around inside your mouth to interfere when you’re talking.
After having dental implants placed, you will have a permanent solution for the missing teeth you have, and you can expect those implants to basically last the rest of your lifetime.


As mentioned above, the dental denture stabilization process works by:
  • having dental implants placed in your jawbone
  • and then attaching your dentures to the implants
When titanium implants are placed in your jawbone, they begin fusing with the jawbone and eventually provide a very natural anchor for your dentures to be attached to.
  • In some cases, attachments from your dentures would be clipped onto attachments from the dental implants themselves.
  • In other cases, a fixed crown or some bridgework would be used in order to establish a longer-lasting result.
  • In all cases however, once your dentures have been stabilized, they will not be removable from your mouth as your normal, un-stabilized dentures would be.


If you’ve been experiencing any kind of difficulty with your dentures, it’s probably due to the fact that they aren’t strongly anchored in your mouth, and this can lead to movement and slippage.
You can rectify all that by having a denture stabilization procedure which provides that important foundation for your dentures.
Contact us at our dental clinic in Ocoee, FL, so we can setup an initial consultation and see whether you’re a good candidate for the stabilization procedure.
At that session, we can answer all your questions and tell you what to expect from the process, before, during, and afterwards.


Q: What’s involved with denture stabilization?

A: The best way to stabilize your dentures is by installing a dental implant. This will anchor the dentures so they don’t slip around in your mouth and cause embarrassing speech problems, or difficulty when eating.

Q: What can I expect from denture stabilization?

A: You can expect better biting and chewing, clearer speech, better jawbone health, and reduced gum irritation.

Q: How long does the stabilization process take?

A: Assuming that you have a titanium anchor installed in your jawbone, it will take several months for this anchor to naturally fuse with your jawbone, and then the actual procedure can be performed.

Q: How do implants stabilize my dentures?

A: They act like artificial tooth roots, which bind the tooth in place and prevent your dentures from slipping or moving around inside your mouth.

Q: Is the stabilization process painful?

A: No, because your dentist will use some kind of anesthetic, either local or general, during the process, so you won’t feel any kind of discomfort.

Q: How is stabilization an improvement for my dentures?

A: Normally, your dentures just sit on top of the gums and have no underlying support. With stabilization, an actual support is introduced and provides the foundation for a much more secure set of dentures.

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We are offering virtual consults
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