Our office is sanitized at a surgical level & we’re minimizing waiting area interactions

Dental Implant

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Our office is sanitized at a surgical level & we’re minimizing waiting area interactions
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Dental implants are actually artificial tooth roots, and they provide a kind of anchor for an artificial tooth which will be emplaced over them, once the ‘root’ has bonded with the jawbone. This artificial tooth root is made of titanium, which bonds naturally with the jawbone to provide a solid anchor for the new tooth.

Dental implants have been around since 1965 and they have evolved as years progressed by providing natural looking replacements for missing teeth. Almost anyone can be a good candidate for dental implants, provided that they have a healthy jawbone which can be used to anchor the new tooth or teeth.


If you have lost one or more teeth:

  • You have probably already noticed a problem with chewing and biting.
  • You probably also don’t like the way your smile looks, and how you appear in public.

It might even seem like your entire quality of life has been degraded just because you’ve lost a couple teeth. Dental implants can help restore those teeth, and it can help restore your lost confidence.

Once you’ve had your dental implants installed, you’ll look completely natural again. Implants do not move around like dentures, because they are well anchored to the jawbone.

You will derive a number of benefits from having implants installed. Some of these include:

  • psychological benefits
  • social benefits
  • physical well-being benefits

On top of all that, a dental implant will normally remain intact for your entire life.

The procedure itself:

  • Begins with a scan to determine whether your jawbone is strong enough to support a titanium post.
  • A model of your mouth is then taken, so that a replacement tooth can be made.
  • Then the implants are fitted into sites on the jawbone, and are left alone so they can fuse with the jawbone.


You don’t have to go through life with a missing tooth or teeth, especially when there’s such a great solution as dental implants available to you, right here in Ocoee, FL. Contact Dr. Maitri Patel at her Ocoee, FL dental clinic at your earliest opportunity, so we can setup an initial consultation.

We can discuss your objectives and answer any questions you may have about the procedure, and then you’ll know exactly what’s involved and what you should expect in the way of results.

For virtually all patients, self-confidence is restored because they once again have a great-looking smile, and all the functionality they enjoyed from their original teeth.


Q: Why do so many people prefer dental implants?

A: Dental implants are the most natural-looking, and the best-performing, kinds of replacements for any missing teeth you may have.

Q: Do all dentists offer dental implants?

A: No, they do not. Dental implants are very precise operations which call for skills and knowledge that must be specially acquired in dental school. Not all dentists acquire these skills.

Q: How long does the dental implant process take?

A: It generally requires several months from start to finish. That’s because time is necessary for the jawbone to fuse with the titanium implant.

Q: Are dental implants always successful?

A: In approximately 95% of all cases, dental implants are completely successful.

Q: How long will my dental implant last?

A: In most cases, the implant itself will last a lifetime, but the crown may require replacement after a number of years.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: No, it is not. Modern dentistry employs several different types of local and general anesthetics, so patients feel little or no discomfort at all.

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